GURU MEDIA comprises of a small pool of highly skilled individuals with collectivley 30 years of Design, I.T., Internet and Marketing knowledge. This extensive knowledge covers many industries including music, holiday and leisure, real estate, recruitment, building and construction, as well as e-commerce, email marketing and the print trade. We have many tried and tested skills that your website can benefit from, apart from the obvious design and coding skills you would expect and can see from our previous work, we also have great techniques to generate new customers, creation of compelling copy writing for Search Engine Optimisation and customer persuasion techniques. Take a look at our full list of services on the menu.

This vast pool of knowledge and experience gives us an extremely broad view of how many different types of business operate; both from a company persective and, more importantly, the customer perspective. This knowledge is used as the basis and foundation for our planning and ideas.

Our approach is very straight forward, we communicate clearly, we plan well, we keep our promises and are utterly committed to our customers success. We celebrate every element of increased business for our customers. We can help you reach new audiences and new levels of activity previously untapped. We believe in open and transparent communication, no jargon, no buzzwords and frankly, no bullshit! We work hard to become a part of our customers’ marketing mix, allowing for flawless integration of all areas of business objectives and already existing marketing and departments.

We have found that with many other agencies similar to Guru Media, usually there is one skill that an agency is very good at, and many others that they apttempt to do, but arent really great at. The beauty about Guru Media is that we are experts at all the technical stuff, but we are also quite unique in that we are marketing minds, every element of our work has a reason for being, we don’t just make pretty websites or impressive features just because we think they might impress.

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