At GURU MEDiA our main passion and speciality is website design. We design websites to give the visitor an impressive showcase with an “easy on the eye” display of your products and services, but just as importantly, our ethos of website design also incorporates pratical features to enhance the user experience. Navigating around the site, finding the information required, making contact and very importantly, giving the visitor reason to come back for more in the future. We want customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, and leave with an impression that will put your company into the forefront of their minds, heads and shoulders above the rest.


We believe that the best approach to designing a website is to encompass various elements of web site build (design, function, layout and navigation, SEO) and fuse them together. Try to think of website design as building a house, first you need good foundations, strong construction, flawless design, and lastly, a shiny lick of paint.

Our websites are what we call “bulletproof”, they are built to work across all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Our websites are lightweight and fast, and they can run any number of functionality elements. For example, we can build e-commerce websites “shops”, multi-lingual websites, community websites, peronal blogs, DJ/Artist profile sites, real estate portals with property searches, news forums, photography portfolios and so on… No matter what your industry or your requirements, we’ve got it covered.

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