SEO is an abbreviation of "[[Search Engine Optimization]]." SEO is basically a series of techniques applied to websites, from the way that the content is written and the format in which a website is structured, to the relevant submissions to internet directories. These techniques help push your website higher up the Search Engine results; the closer to the top of the results you get, the more exposure you have. If there’s one thing alone that we would recommend that you do for your business it is without a doubt – Search Engine Optimisation. If you have a shop, but nobody can see it or know where to find it, then what’s the point in having a shop?

Can you get me to page one on Google?

That is certainly one of our main aims. But there is a lot more to SEO than just page one on Google! Unfortunately a few unethical SEO companies have given Search Engine Optimisation a thourough bruising with their overly aggressive marketing procedures and failing attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results in their favour. At Guru Online we are perfectionists, we use only ethical (known as "White Hat") Search Engine Optimisation techniques to improve our customers’ website visibility online.

A word or warning: be extremely wary of anybody that says they can guarantee top Search Engine placement, this is completely untrue. Only the Search Engines themselves hold the power to your website’s positioning.

Gaining this presence, and more importantly – keeping it, although not rocket science as many perceive it to be, is a very time consuming task. Many companies in the small business sector cannot usually afford either the time to do it properly themselves or the money to pay for one of the many SEO companies around, many of which are usually geared toward the larger sector of industries…with larger budgets! At Guru Online, we fight for top potisions in many search engines, Google being the main player, and we have achieved hundreds of top positions from our work, but unfortunately nobody can guarantee top positions to anyone.

Why should my website be optimised?

SEO is the key to your website’s exposure on the internet. It’s not a mystery science, it’s not wizards in pointy hats, it just requires proven practical experience and serious dedication, something we are obsessively passionate about. We love to see results. Results are what drives us to work in this industry, and why we have many happy clients that work with us on optimisating their websites year after year. We believe in long term relationships with our customers, which is directly related to SEO, not just quick changes that can make your website’s positioning fluctuate rapidly, but fundamental changes and continual nurturing that will set you up for continued future sucess on the web.

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