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Artist Promotion Websites/Blogs

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Artist “Online Promotional” Guide

A short guide to promoting yourself as an artist online…

Promoting yourself as an artist can be a very difficult and time consuming process. Constantly having to duplicate information in many places to keep all your followers happy online is one of the most time demanding processes know to the artist with regard to online promotion.

Unless you have help you may be losing out on many other avenues of online marketing with regards to keeping your followers informed or, just as importantly, gaining new “fans” and reaching a wider audience to show off your talents.

Whilst more and more artists are realising the potential of marketing themselves online, many tend to stick to only one or two avenues. E.g. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. This has, in the past, proven to be an excellent tool to online promotion. However, with the ever increasing number of people in these ever increasing number of social networks, this process alone is becoming less and less effective. Promotion using multiple social services can be effective but this often leads to very time consuming updates in multiple places as well as a “Contact Me” list that begins to look unprofessional with the multitude of links involved…should someone follow you on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, blah blah blah.

Web presences such as Twitter and Facebook, whilst easy for getting information out, do not enable suitable customisation and thus you lead to being “just another Facebook page”. Also, with the abundance of information that flows through these “social networks” everyday, standing out with mere “status posts” is an ever-impossible task.
One process we have found to be effective is to have your own personalised web space; all aspects can be individually designed to fully represent the artist you are, therefore you stand out more than “just another MySpace page”. Your existing webspaces can all be “housed” or embedded under the one banner of YOU.COM. Use your own personal domain name, and point potentially new followers to one centralised place.
  • Your webspace, be it blog or full blown website, can now be integrated into your
  • Guru Online Website packages: Artists page
  • Your complete online presence in one place.
  • Merge Facebook, MySpace, Soundcloud, e.t.c. into one place to enable your followers to follow you easier, keep up with where you are, what you’re doing, releases, mixes, e.t.c. instead of a multitude of links
  • Make a single post and push it to your Twitter, Facebook page.
  • Allow fans to spread the word about you
Full website example:
Artist example:
Personal website with MySpace page embeded
Latest news and blog entry on Home Page

This is the first part in a continuing guide to online promotional ideas.

These websites can be created quickly and with little fuss – Please contact us if you’re interested in having your own website


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