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Email marketing is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy. It is certainly the fastest, cheapest way to keep in touch with your customer base, keeping your clients regularly updated with your products and services…meaning that you are regularly in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Your existing clients and contacts are your gold mine, do not underestimate that growing pile of post it notes with names and emails on them!

Emailing also encourages already existing subscribers to forward your messages to their friends resulting in more customers and more overall reach of your messages. The more referrals you can get, the better, they are recommended new clients, plus you havent paid a penny to get them – The best type of customer to have!

Merging offline marketing with online presence has proven to be a positive and natural move for many companies. People will more often than not lose or ignore direct mail received in the post, whereas they are much more likely to notice and read an email from a recognised source. Simply by alerting your customers of new offers or your latest deals could prompt them to purchase your goods, or at least get in touch to find out more.

iContact Email Marketing Emailing can open up your website and company to a whole host of new opportunities, plus everything in your emails and on your website is totally measurable, we use a renowned emailing broadcasting system called iContact, with a fantastic reporting system, you can see how many people opened your message, how many people read it and how many clicked on the links through to your website for more information. So, at a glance we can see exactly what works best for each of our customers, and tailor future mailings accordingly.

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