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Coexist is a non-profit organisation that is aimed to inform and help the community of Malaga. They cover topics such as the environment, energy sources, and the economy. Both globally and on a local level.

Guru created a fresh contemporary brand, to reflect the subjects that Coexist promotes, without looking treehugger-hippy or ecological beige!

Find our more about Coexist – Click here to view the Coexist website >>

Here’s what Coexist had to say : “We are aboslutely astounded at the quality and speed that Guru Online have worked. They had the framework of the website ready in just over a week. We then added the forum, the blog, the membership area and other more advanced features later. The whole thing took about 3 weeks, in 2 languages! I’m seriously impressed and would highly recommend Guru Online to anyone! As we are a non-profit company, we were able to do this project on a very strict budget too, Guru not only put this project together immaculately and very quickly, but we didnt go anywhere near over budget either. Superb!”CM – Co-founder – Coexist.




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