Jan 27

Claus Mikosch

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Claus Mikosch is a website dedicated to promoting alternative healing therapies. Offering homeopathy and hypnosis treatments, plus courses and workshops in southern Spain. As per the brief from Claus himself, we created a clean, fresh, simple website that simply communicates what he does. 

Here’s what Claus Mikosch had to say: “Exactly what I had in my head, is what Guru came up with, well, better than what was in my head! I always turn to the Gurus when I need help with web, or anything remotely techy, they understand what I want every time and produce great results every time. I’m now proud to call them friends, not just colleagues.” – C Mikosch – ClausMikosch.com


Visit the Claus Mikosch website here: www.clausmikosch.com



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